WHAT IS LORAN Eyescream®
Loran Eyescream® the innovative management software specifically for the management of ice cream parlor manufacturers and distributors; designed and developed together with professionals in the sector for the best management of ice cream parlors.

Loran Eyescream® verifies the information of each step of the ice cream parlors production chain to help the manager to identify and solve daily problems. The software was developed with the precious collaboration of master ice cream makers, real connoisseurs of all aspects and difficulties in conducting this specific commercial activity.


  • Real-time statistics related to the consumption of raw materials and weather conditions;
  • Sales analysis compared to expenses;
  • Analysis of warehouse stocks with automated tidying system;
  • Planning and management of employee shifts, employee anti-fraud control;
  • Cash register directly connected to the management software.
  • Real-time notifications on production, sales, orders and stocks;
  • Price list sharing that allows a direct channel with customers without intermediaries or sales agents;
  • Check the trend of the most consumed tastes to propose further stocks or variations;
  • Analysis of consumption and sales based on the types of format.