Facilitated Finance

In the course of its thirty-year history, LORAN has specialized in the field of finance facilitated for enterprises and associations and in particular, subjects that aim to support their business and reduce the management costs through the use of Community funds, national, regional, chamber and others.

The choice of the best financial strategies is therefore one of the variables that directly influence the economic and income performance of companies and associations of any size.

Finding the right facility for innovations and business changes becomes a factor in the company’s success in the reference contexts.

By way of illustration, the following thematic areas can be covered in general terms by the subsidy strands and strands of interest, namely activities and initiatives with financial facilities of various forms and types:

Business man holding light bulb
Business team working on a new business plan with modern digital computer. Top view shot.

The research and use of contributions and benefits generally comes from the following sources:

• National laws and competent ministries (example: Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), Ministry
Environment; Ministry of Finance, etc.)
• Public Bodies: INAIL – Annual Calls
• Regional:
• Regional laws
• Regional plans and programs of European origin, such as:
   – Rural Development Plan (PSR)
   – Regional Operational Plan (POR)
   – European Social Fund (ESF)
   – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
   – Others
• Calls from the instrumental bodies of the regions
• Chambers of Commerce, Provincial Chambers of Commerce and their aggregations (UnionCamere Regionali)

Pen and business graph

LORAN’s ability is to interface the needs of the company with the public availabilities of the funds disbursed through calls. In fact, once the interested party has illustrated the planning of their needs for consultancy, the latter in relation to the exit programs of the calls will combine the company’s expectations with public financial resources. The costs of the service, related to the benefits obtained, will be subject to shared verification.