Human resources, with their talent, constitute the competitive advantage of a company. It is therefore necessary to make an accurate reflection on the importance of the training programs within them.

Corporate training courses are now essential in practically every sector: they guarantee the personal growth of employees and provide new resources and competitive advantages for companies.

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Are you thinking of organizing business training courses and then calculating the budgets to be allocated to these activities? A great opportunity to consider comes from funded training. LORAN makes its skills available to companies, both large and medium-small, and helps them access public funding.

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When it comes to training financed in Italy, the main regulatory reference is Law 23 December 2000, n. 388, “Provisions for the formation of the annual and multiannual state budget (financial law 2001)”, which introduced the national interprofessional joint funds for continuous training, for each of the economic sectors: industry, agriculture, tertiary and crafts.
The funded training courses respond to specific shortcomings and needs of the company. The first step therefore consists in mapping needs, understanding which objectives are to be achieved and which areas to focus on. So you have to ask yourself: which employees can I involve? At what level? What skills do I want to focus on? On which areas of improvement do I want to intervene?


LORAN is ready to give you support and respond to all needs to make your company more competitive on the market. As you can see, there are possibilities to finance training courses. Courses that can cover the most varied areas and which, it should be remembered, have no cost for the company. Funded training is an opportunity not to be missed.