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Since 1988, Loran has been active in the medical sector and deals with the marketing of electromedical equipment, furniture, consumer and medical equipment, solutions for first aid and resuscitation disposable or not, for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

It operates in Puglia, all over Italy and internationally, thanks to a deep knowledge of the technical problems of the hospital sector.

Our  philosophy is to put the Customer’s need at the centre of the company’s business, supporting him to optimize time and capital; The will is therefore to operate in the respect of the customer realizing functional and versatile solutions designed for the present but turned to the future, always guaranteeing quality, professionalism and specialization.

Surgeons performing operation in operation theater of hospital
Man getting ultrasound of a abdomen from doctor in hospital

For the marketing and distribution of materials for the administration of medicinal products, Loran has a wide range of products, classified as Class II a medical devices, in accordance with European Directive 93/42, other than the marketing of other materials such as suture tapes and TNT and non-woven materials.

This distribution is the result of a constant effort, carried out over more than 20 years by the Company, following multiannual contracts awarded in the region of Puglia, Lazio and Sicily.

What do we supply


The company loran is able to respond to the needs of every single hospital structure and not, public or private, providing furniture designed on the specific requests of the client.

Among the furnishing items we find: wardrobes, display cases and compositions, steel trolleys and supports for electromedicals, furniture for hospital rooms with: beds, bedside tables, tables, chairs and relax chairs.


We have many years of experience in the supply of medical electro-medical products including: aspirators, electrocardiographers, spirometers, defibrillators, etc.

We implement policies aimed at improving the quality of our assistance while respecting costs.