IT Consulation

The growing advance of new technologies sees the world of IT increasingly involved in different contexts of our society, with the ultimate goal of improving the different processes of everyday life. Among them is the medical context, in which information technology finds fertile ground not only in the field of innovative care and early diagnosis, but also for the optimization of the management of human resources and health facilities. LORAN develops state-of-the-art software in collaboration with the health care environment but not only: responding to market demands, it designs web platforms, applications and portals useful for the administrative management of commercial activities and end users, all compatible with the most popular operating systems and designed in line with cloud computing, for faster data sharing and security of information travelling on the web.

The LORAN company group is confident that innovation is the pivot on which economic development revolves. The aim is therefore to make our skills available to the community, by designing IT applications for different areas, from the health sector to environmental monitoring, passing through innovative systems for the management of commercial businesses, utilities and transport, in step with the latest information technologies, increasingly digitized. With us the future is already reality.

For the growing activity of the Computer Division, LORAN is recognized by the academic world as a mentoring centre for graduates in Informatics and Digital Communication. LORAN is also part of the productive district community of’Informatics of Puglia Region.


LORAN Group IT personnel guarantee professionalism and support in the design and delivery of specific consulting services and system integration. We realize in open source technology, Microsoft, Java the following types of web solutions:

  • Platforms in Cloud architecture ( Software as a service )
  • Multi-sectoral management software
  • Web portals
  • Mobile applications