Integrated Logistics

The correct supply of medical material is of fundamental importance for the normal performance of the activities of the hospital wards and to guarantee a high quality health service. LORAN SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM is the hospital logistics service which, using an innovative software, TNT Web 2.0, digitizes the entire supply chain process and the relevant documentation. Thanks to LORAN SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM it is possible to quantify, for example, the activity of the operating room, the material used for each patient, the number and types of intervention, the turnover of the companies producing the material, and much more.

LORAN SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM is the result of the IT experience of LORAN, an entrepreneurial group active in health services since 1988.



Il software: TNT 2.0

TNTWEB2.0 is the logistics service designed for the supply of TNT (Non-Woven Fabric) in operating rooms. Through the computerized compilation of the operating room register, each individual operation is virtualized and recorded with specific codes to which certain ‘kits’ of TNT material correspond. The software then assigns the exact supply order for the number and type of scheduled interventions throughout the day, and timely delivery directly to the operating room, with the respective transport document for billing.


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