WHAT IS LORAN Medicloud ®

Loran Medicloud ® is the innovative IT suite conceived, designed and created by LORAN that uses cloud computing for the management of data and activities of healthcare facilities. Loran Medicloud ® was born ‘on the field’, through constant and careful observation and analysis of hospital realities. Its main purpose is to centralize the patient in the hospital context: in this sense, the suite offers valuable support to the assistance activities of all actors in the healthcare sector thanks to its simple, complete, functional and dynamic use, thanks to an intuitive and pleasant user experience.

Thanks to Loran Medicloud ® the most advanced information technologies are combined with the final objectives of the health system, that is, attention to the patient and saving of resources: with Loran Medicloud ® the real innovation is simplicity.


Graphical interface designed to quickly access patient information wherever you are, does not require any installation on a PC;


Traceability of all the information compiled (author, date and time, revision) and data always protected with cryptography algorithms similar to those used in home banking;


Designed for cloud computing, customizable to be adherent to the needs of operators, able to take advantage of the dedicated apps for specialist activities;


The integrated communication system ensures the exchange of information between the collaborators within the department as well as between specialists from different departments.