TNT WEB 2.0 is the integrated logistics software platform used for the management of non-woven fabric in operating areas, by computerizing processes, keeping track of operations in the operating room, ensuring complete traceability of product loading and unloading, organizing warehouse stocks and improving the planning of interventions.

This software can be applied for the logistic management of any hospital supply, in order to bring together all the suppliers in a single service, facilitate the logistical and administrative organization of the hospitals, therefore produce significant savings.

Every single item related to the compilation of the check-list remains disabled until the previous one is filled in: each section relating to each phase of the check-list is highlighted. This avoids the risk of omissions by the operating room operator.


  • Visible from any web device
  • Access protected by username and password
  • Personalized dashboard with functions related to the user's activity
  • 'Filter' option by type of intervention based on the department or the 'kit' of operating material
  • Operative check list (pre / intra / post intervention), with guided software compilation
  • Barcode reader: the head nurse can conveniently download the required product in the operating room
  • Chat service between operators connected in real time on the platform


  • Maximum precision and safety for the operator
  • Precise and punctual material deliveries, no postponed intervention
  • Visualization of material consumption per intervention and per patient

App version

TNTWeb2.0 is also available in the APP version: it can also operate in offline mode, and, in the presence of wifi coverage, synchronizing it with the TNTWeb 2.0 platform, transfers the recorded interventions, generating the handling of the kits used during the intervention, and updating automatically operating room registers and operating departments of departments.